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POS Systems

Hydra-X is development platform which is feature rich, scalable and easy to use. Based on the Power Application Controller™ (PAC) family of ICs, Hydra-X gives you the ability to execute your own
code on a 32-bit ARM Cortex Core, paralleled with analog
resources such as multi-mode power manager (for AC-DC,
DC-DC power management), configurable Analog frontend (AFE), Data converters (1MHz 10-bit ADC, 2 Precision DACs), 52V,
72V, 600V gate drivers, open drain drivers, to name a few.

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Wireless Charger

Active-Semi offers Industry’s highest efficiency, lowest BOM cost WPC Qi-Certified (version 1.1.2) transmitter for USB Powered Wireless Charger products. Active-Semi’s scalable
solutions include fully-integrated PAC5220WP PAC™ IC
with ARM® Cortex MCU with smart analog and power peripherals to enable power conversion, communication, foreign object detection (FOD) and power transfer.

Order Evaluation Kits now for implementing the highest performance, smallest footprint and the most cost-effective wireless power solutions.

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BLDC Motor

Active-Semi offers complete BLDC Motor Control solutions for Sensored, Sensorless and FOC control based on PAC5220 IC
from Power Application Controller™ (PAC) Family. The 52V
PAC5220 IC has integrated Multi-mode Power Manager™ for
DC-DC conversion, and the integrated 3 high-side, 3 low-side gate
drivers support up to 400W motor designs. Solution kit includes
firmware, source code example and application software for
motor control. Owing to industry leading integration, PAC™
simplifies BLDC motor design, and considerably reduces the
system size, BOM cost, and time to development.

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POS Systems

Active-Semi offers Power Management ICs (PMICs) that work seamlessly with Atmel's SAMA5 and SAM9 Family of eMPUs to enable a wide range of solutions such as smartwatches, wearables, point-of-sale (POS) products such as 2D barcode scanners & printers, human-machine interfaces, M2M systems, building automation, white goods and medical devices.

Active-Semi’s PMICs for Atmel eMPUs offer superior benefits with performance, form factor and cost competitiveness
versus discretes.

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iPad and iPod Chargers

ActiveCharge™ family of products and solutions are designed for ultra-fast charging of mobile devices. Active-Semi's ACT4533C DC-DC and ACT520 AC-DC power ICs can be used to implement rapid charging in cigarette lighter adapter chargers and wall adapter chargers, respectively.

These solutions are compatible with all new rapid charging standards being shipped in Samsung, Motorola, HTC, and Apple phones today.

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