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Active-Semi is always looking for exceptional and motivated professionals to be part of the "Active Team" to accelerate company growth, as well as build their careers.

Please check for the Job Listings below for current openings. Send your Resume to with the Job Title and interested Locations.

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Metropolitan Area

Director of South Region Sales SalesExperienced ProfessionalTexas (Home Office)
Lead Analog DesignerEngineering-DesignExperienced ProfessionalDallas, Texas, USA
Layout EngineerEngineering-DesignExperienced ProfessionalHanoi, Vietnam
Design EngineerEngineering-DesignExperienced ProfessionalHanoi, Vietnam
Senior Test Development EngineerEngineering-TestExperienced ProfessionalShanghai, China
Director of Reliability and Quality AssuranceEngineering-ProductExperienced ProfessionalShanghai, China