AC/DC Adapters

Active-Semi's rich portfolio of AC/DC converters delivers optimal solutions for a vast set of global requirements for power adapters. Consumer applications designed with our solutions, ranging from 2 Watt headset charger/adapters to the higher power set-top-box and DVD players, can pass ENERGY STAR 2.0 and US-CEC (California Energy Commission) efficiency and standby power requirements with comfortable margin. Emphasizing sustainable energy within our core values, Active-Semi exceeds global energy standards in both our ActivePSR™ and ActiveQR™ platforms.

Our ActivePSR™ flyback platform delivers best-in-class primary side regulated power with the lowest bill of materials for applications delivering 12.5 Watts and less, and an NPN architecture that yields a system cost 10% less than MOSFET architectures. Our patented ultra-fast-start-up and cable compensation circuits deliver fast switching from standby to full-load with the lowest component and cable costs. ActivePSR™ delivers on protection and load regulation, with CC/CV over-current protection at 10% CC accuracy and 5% CV accuracy.

Our latest secondary side regulated ActiveQR™ platform features optimized CCM and DCM advanced quasi-resonant operation, with jitter frequency modulation to reduce EMI, delivering up to 60Watts. This innovative platform offers the richest fault protection available in a small 6-pin SOT23-6 package, offering brown out protection, over-temperature protection, short circuit protection, short winding protection, open loop protection, and more.

Simplified ActivePSR™ Power Adapter Application Circuit

Simplified ActiveQR™ Power Adapter Application Circuit

Products Supporting AC/DC Adapters:

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