High Voltage (up to 70V) BLDC Motor Control Using Sensored, Sensorless Back-EMF and FOC

Active-Semi offers a highly integrated and scalable platform that can support a variety of BLDC motor control techniques, including Sensored, Sensorless Back-EMF and Field Oriented Control (FOC). The 54V PAC5220 and the 70V PAC5223 PAC™ ICs offer ideal single-IC solutions for a broad-range of motor applications such as drones, RCs, home and garden power tools.

Active-Semi Sensor/Sensorless BLDC Motor Control Solution Kit

Simplified BLDC Motor Control Application Circuit


  • Unique and innovative PAC5220 / PAC5223 design integrates both high-side and low-side drivers, simplifying and considerably reducing the size, cost, and component count of the system
  • EVK HW with up to 400W, Sensor, BEMF Sensorless, FOC motor control topologies
  • Microcontroller based motor control allows for variable speed control of motor, allowing for features such as soft start that reduce wear on the motor, use of lower cost motors, and more efficient operation throughout the motor speed range
  • General purpose IO's, UART or SPI communication interface for power display and user interface
  • Preloaded BLDC Firmware in PAC5220 / PAC5223 Flash
  • Motor Control Software GUI to program motor parametes
  • EVK and Software GUI User Guide
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) & User Guide for CooCox IDE
  • EVK Schematics, BOM, Layout Files, Firmware Image
  • Solution kit includes CoLinkEx Debugger board (CoLinkEx-DEB-V1) for programming
  • Highly integrated and powerful design provides the elements necessary to easily implement a variety of motor control methods such as using Hall Sensors, BEMF sensorless, and FOC with minimal use of external components
  • Integrated hardware dedicated for over-current protection provides safe and reliable operation

Products Supporting BLDC Motor Application

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