Drones & RC's

Active-Semi's Power Application Controller™ (PAC™) IC Family offers highly integrated, single-IC solutions for BLDC motor control in drones and radio controlled motorized gadgets (RC's). PAC™ family of ICs, specifically the PAC5223 and PAC5220 along with firmware IP for sensorless BLDC and FOC control offer better system performance, efficiency and reliability while reducing total system footprint, BOM cost and time-to-market in these applications.

Active-Semi's PAC™ ICs deliver higher efficiency with integrated high voltage gate drivers offering superior switching performance and software configurable hardware dead-time control enabling complementary PWM control between high-side and low-side FETs. These efficiencies lead to longer battery life which is critically needed for drones and RC-devices.

PAC™ IC's powerful integrations include a 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0 core processor, up to 70V/1A gate drivers for 3-phase motor control, high-speed PWM engines, timers, protection blocks, and much more. All of these features are packed into a tiny 6mm x 6mm QFN package creating a high-performance BLDC motor solution with the smallest footprint. Combined with the BOM cost reductions made possible by all of PAC™ IC's built-in features, solutions can be built with fewer parts, less money, and less weight, which is very important when you are trying to get your project off the ground.

Active-Semi also offers proven firmware IP and tools for PAC™ motor solutions supported with reference designs and user guides. Rich software tools, such as the motor tuning GUI, help reduce development time and Time-to-Market. PAC™ Software Development Kit (SDK) is available for IAR, Coocox, and Keil IDEs.

For more details and samples, email sales@active-semi.com.


  • High efficiency, improved system performance, and longer battery life
  • Smallest system footprint
  • BOM cost reduction
  • Improved system reliability
  • Scalable platform solution
  • Proven Firmeware and GUI tools
  • Reduced Time-to-Market

Products Supporting BLDC Motor Application

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