Floor Care

Active-Semi delivers the industry's most integrated motor control solutions for floor care vacuum pumps, scrubbers, and drivetrain motors transitioning from brushed to BLDC and high-voltage permanent magnet motors. The PAC™ architecture delivers a premium one-chip solution with best-in-class firmware.

Using BLDC in floor care applications has the advantage of increased efficiency, extended lifespan of unit, higher power, decreased heat dissipation, lower maintenance costs, and reduced electrical and audible noise. Combined with Active-Semi's PAC™ ICs, it is possible to make a solution that has a smaller footprint, fewer components, and lower cost due to the powerful integrations in PAC™ IC's.

Active-Semi's high-quality firmware IP and control GUI software reduces development time and Time-to-Market while providing rich benefits such as Active WhisperDrive™ FOC to improve efficiency while reducing torque ripple and noise. FOC operates at 1050 Hz today and increasing with field weakening and other techniques. Active-Semi deliver ludicrous speed with back-EMF operating up to 30,000 RPM with two pole pairs.

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  • Increases efficiency, battery life, speed, and power
  • Decreases heat dissipation, maintenance costs, and noise
  • Active WhisperDrive™ improves efficiency while reducing torque ripple and noise
  • Back-EMF up to 30,000 RPM with two pole pairs
  • BOM cost reduction
  • Reduces footprint
  • Proven Firmware and GUI tools
  • Reduced Time-to-Market

Products Supporting Floor Care Application

Tiny BLDC Motor Reference Design

PAC5250 / PAC5253 EVK for
High Voltage PMSM Motors

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