Smartwatches, Wearables, POS, HMI, M2M & White Goods

ActivePMU™ is designed for entertainment, computing and industrial systems equipped with ARM®-based application processors. Our ActivePMU™ coding matrix allows fast time-to-market for new designs utilizing the latest features of the latest AP that is most suitable for the platform. Power management units from Active-Semi enable a wide range of electronic devices such as human-machine interfaces (HMI), control panels, smart grid infrastructures, network gateways, M2M systems, 2D barcode scanners, barcode printers, machine vision equipment, as well as home and commercial building automations, POS terminals, medical devices and white goods.

An example Atmel SAMA5 processor based network gateway powered by ACT8945A is illustrated below. Featuring ActivePath™ charger, 3 high-performance DC/DC buck converters and 4 LDOs, the ACT8945A offers a rich power solution for the network gateway.

The high-efficiency and low BOM architecture of ActivePMU™ offers state-of-the-art ultra-slim and light-weight designs for the consumer. Active-Semi's power management units are extremely flexible, enabling a minimal design cycle, and simplifying the design-in process.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Up to 80% Component Count Reduction vs. Discrete Solutions
  • Up to 50% Solution Price Reduction
  • 2-4x Higher Reliability
  • 80% Reduction in Design Effort
  • <2mW Standby Power
  • Integrated Sequencing control: Pre-validated & Programmable for ePMU Solutions
  • Lowest Noise for Analog Rails on Noise Sensitive Application
  • I2C™ Serial Interface

Simplified System Diagram

Below are block diagrams showing ActivePMU™ and Atmel SAMA5/SAM9 eMPU based solutions for Smartwatches, wearables, POS, HMI, etc. In addition, ACT8945A's ActivePath™ technology offers integrated battery charging capability where needed. Also, Coding Matrix featured in these PMICs supports fast time to market with unique solutions.

ACT8865 for Atmel SAMA5 and SAM9 eMPUs

ACT8865 for Atmel SAMA5 and SAM9 eMPUs

ACT8945A for Atmel SAMA5 and SAM9 eMPUs

ACT8945A for Atmel SAMA5 and SAM9 eMPUs

Evaluation Kit

Below are the reference designs and evaluation kit details for Atmel SAMA5/SAM9 eMPUs powered with Active-Semi's ACT8865 and ACT8945A PMICs


Products Supporting Atmel SAMA5 and SAM9 eMPUs for Smartwatch, Wearables,
POS etc. Solutions

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